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Since 2001, OnlineCE has dedicated time and effort to providing high-quality, online continuing education courses for health professionals. Originally part of, OnlineCE has grown under the guidance of Joanne Brown, MS, OTR/L, CHT and Paul Powers, DC, DABCN to address the needs of Occupational Therapists and Assistants, Physical Therapists and Assistants, and Massage Therapists.

In 2021, OnlineCE and ChiroCredit joined the Knowfully Learning Group to expand its offerings and provide a highly interactive and personalized experience to its members and guests.

OnlineCE recognizes and endorses the need for continuing professional education for healthcare professionals. OnlineCE believes that, in the interest of public safety, professional growth, and the fostering of lifelong learning, all healthcare providers should adhere to a regular program of continuing professional study.


OnlineCE’s mission is to develop and provide high-quality, clinically relevant, accurate, and convenient distance learning programs that satisfy healthcare professionals’ need to maintain clinical excellence, develop new skills, pursue evolving interests, and meet state license requirements.

OnlineCE acknowledges that people have different learning styles and is dedicated to offering a variety of distance-based educational formats through synchronous and asynchronous learning. At OnlineCE, we take our responsibility to ensure educational integrity seriously and will continually monitor course content, site usage, time compliance, and adherence to all licensing statutes, rules, and regulations.



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